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Week 12: Mean Girls, Jury Duty, and Jacob Elordi

Mean Girls. We’ve all watched it at one point or another, and it has had a huge influence on the modern films that we enjoy today. The iconic-pink-on-wednesdays movie has had many remakes over the years, including the 2024 movie musical. Starring Reneé Rapp, Angourie Rice, Avantika, and Bebe Wood, people have mixed opinions of this reboot. While the musical numbers are ‘fetch,’ and the casting is fantastic, some think that the film tries too hard to cater to the Gen Z audience. At times, the script is a bit cringey, and feels like a millennial’s interpretation of young people today. This is an issue with many films targeted towards younger audiences today, as outdated slang and embarrassing takes on the ‘i’m not like other girls’ trope is getting old.

Uncover the summer's surprise comedy hit, "Jury Duty"! This eight-episode Amazon series takes reality TV pranks to a new level, staging a scripted civil trial with an unsuspecting juror, Ronnie Gladden. Filled with ambition and a subversive tone, it goes beyond traditional prank shows, weaving a narrative with character development. "Jury Duty" not only delivers laughs but also a positive tone, appreciating Ronnie's sincerity. As it gains popularity, it raises questions about its potential impact on the prank TV genre. Don't miss the unexpected success of "Jury Duty" – a comedy experience like no other!

Jacob Elordi's SNL performance in 2024 was a comedic blast. The episode featured a lively monologue, hilarious sketches like "Crown Your Short King" and "Club Shay Shay Extended Cut," and a powerful musical performance by Reneé Rapp. Elordi showcased his comedic talent, delivering unexpected twists and setting a high bar for the year.

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