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Week 11: Matt Rife, Snoopy, and A.I. Chatbots

Updated: Jan 21

Most of us have heard of Matt Rife from TikTok, or from his recent Netflix special, which has proven to be very controversial. Insulting your entire fanbase is never a good idea, especially when they are the only thing propelling your career.

The man, the myth, the legend— Snoopy. As a familiar favorite, the adorable cartoon brings back good memories for all of us. Recently, a stuffed animal in a blue puffer jacket has gone viral, selling out in all the CVS stores throughout the country. This little beagle helps people connect to their childhood and start daydreaming a little more, something we could all use in the constant dystopia of modern day. 

A.I. has been implemented pretty much everywhere online ever since its immense success through ChatGPT technology. The holiday season and all of the online shopping has gained another interface facet, A.I. chatbots. While they are helpful at times, many customers found that it was limited in its ability to answer questions like “what are the pros and cons of each?” This proves that although A.I. is very advanced, it cannot replace real human beings— at least not yet.

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