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Week 7: American Schools, Lunchables, and the Friendship Recession

Many of us have either visited or attended American public school, and it is apparent that there are many flaws. One of the less-talked about issues is instability students face when changing teachers each year. This practice makes it much harder for students to connect with their teachers and form a long lasting bond that can help them with their educational advancement. The article also underscores that the most successful education systems prioritize personalization, with teachers having more autonomy, emphasizing early interventions and individualized tutoring to help every student succeed.

School lunch, a universal ick. From the greasy tater tots to the borderline raw chicken, let’s just say it's not exactly tasty. However, there was usually an effort to remain relatively healthy and unprocessed. This year, lunchables are being introduced to the school menu, raising a number of health and ethical concerns. Should it really be allowed to distribute ultra processed foods to developing children and adolescents, when there have been multiple studies linking it to chronic diseases and obesity?

Loneliness is at an all time high, especially for young people. What once used to be going out to dinner with your friends is now FaceTiming and staring at each other while eating a microwaved Kraft Mac-and-Cheese. This “friendship recession” can partly be accredited to Covid, as everyone had to take a step back and partially isolate themselves for almost a year. However, this problem is more than that, and is a result of the increased popularity of social media and an overall decrease of social presence for most people. Luckily, there are ways that we can begin to combat this issue, as highlighted in the article.

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