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Week 6: Israel-Palestine Conflict, AI in Music, and Doja Cat

1. Slaughter at a Festival of Peace and Love Leaves Israel Transformed

As the Israel-Palestine conflict further spirals into a mess of violence and inhumanity, people begin to question who is actually in the right? Neither side is without fault, as they both have committed terrible acts of violence against each other. What is important is that we as a society oppose the outright brutality of their actions, no matter the reason for it, and not get skewed by the politics of it all.

2. AI and the Future of Music

AI like ChatGPT majorly improved this year, and is opening up new doors and opportunities in all fields. Music in particular has been experimented on with AI, mostly with covers of popular songs sung by different AI generated artists. However, it has started to reach the point that the voices sound so realistic that it is difficult to create guidelines and rules for copyright and various awards.

3. Doja Cat

Doja Cat originally went viral in 2018 for her comical song Mooo!, and has only become more famous since. However, recent events have caused people to wonder if they should support her. Many unsupported claims have been made that she is some sort of satanist or devil, causing a large amount of controversy to surround all of her actions and music. This raises two questions: where do we draw the line between supporting an artist and supporting their actions, and why should we believe claims without solid evidence? While I do believe some of Doja Cat’s actions have been radical and strange, that is pretty typical when anyone becomes very successful(i.e. Kanye West, Tom Cruise, ect.)

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