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Week 5: Educational Issues, a New SAT, and an Ongoing Mental Health Crisis

1. Teachers Can’t Hold Students Accountable

If you’re in high school, you know that there is a lot to be improved in the educational system. One of the major issues is students passing and continuing on in life without actually learning anything. It is a rather recent problem, as there are now more safety nets and student favored grading policies that are implemented by the school. These exhausting practices harm both the teachers and the students, and it’s time for change.

2. Florida approved an SAT alternative, but experts say the test is unproven

We all dread junior year for one reason: the SAT. Interestingly enough, that may not be a worry for much longer. Florida along with many other states is planning to implement a new, easier SAT alternative called the CLT. However, there are pros and cons to having an easier test. Will it be beneficial in the long term? Or will it bring about a generation of less informed people. These are the questions you have to ask yourself as it becomes a great possibility for the future.

3. A decade of data describes nationwide youth mental health crisis

We all know from the PSAs at school and work that our generation is in a steep mental decline, but do we really know how much it matters? People usually brush it off, and continue their harmful habits for the sake of convenience. A decade of data encourages people to see that it is not just something to ignore, and that something must be done.

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