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Week 3: Gilmore Girls, Tweens, and a Space Expedition

1: The Timelessness of Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls, the universal autumn binge-watch. Following Rory and Lorelai Gilmore through charming and cozy romances and adventures, this show is the 9th most streamed show on any streaming platforms. The show streamed its last episode in 2007, but rates have not slowed down, in fact, younger generations continue to be just as enamored with the mother-daughter duo as ever. So what makes Gilmore Girls so timeless? And what about the picturesque town of Sleepy Hollow appeals to such a wide range of ages?

2: What It’s Like to Be a 13-Year-Old Girl Today - The New York Times

We’ve all been 13, angsting over drama that seems like the end of the world. In an environment that is constantly recorded in the form of Snaps, TikToks, Instagram stories, and text messages, teens are more self-conscious than ever. Fear of being different and having attention drawn to them can cause many to become reclusive and withdrawn, not being 100% themselves. This NYT project explores the ins and outs; the goods and bads of being teen today and navigating the fine lines of social media use and relationships.

3: NASA’s Spacecraft Returns to Earth

Space? Meteors?? Aliens??? NASA’s spacecraft, OSIRIS-REx, has returned after 7 years in space. It visited the asteroid, Bennu, which has a slight chance of colliding with Earth in the year 2182. OSIRIS-REx returned with substance samples from the ancient asteroid, providing about 250 grams of material for scientists to work with. So what does this mean for the future of our planet? Scientists say that their research could potentially prevent any future collisions, as well as help gain insight on the early universe.

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