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Week 2: Barrymore, Women's Tennis, and Toxic Dieting

1: Drew Barrymore and 'The Talk'

As we all know, the writer’s strike has been ongoing for the past 4 months. Along with it comes many controversial choices that TV productions must make: to continue and support the fight for fair wager, or stop and stand with the actors and writers. One particular talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, seems particularly conflicted. So what do you think? Should productions remain on strike with the writers or will the show have to go on?

2: How Coco Gauff Embodies the Biggest Story in Sports

Last year we had the World Cup, and this year the US Open dominated as the major sports event of the year Ben Shelton and Carlos Alcaraz turned heads, as they quickly made a name for themselves as young, fierce competitors. However, what really struck me was the influx of female tennis stars, like Coco Gauff and Laura Siegemund. At only 19 years old, Coco rose to the top and won her first Grand Slam this year, which as she says, can largely be accredited to Billie Jean King, and advocate for equal rights in athletics. “Thank you Billie. For fighting for this." Coco’s statement highlights the constant underlying battle for equality these young stars are fighting.

3: The food industry pays ‘influencer’ dietitians to shape your eating habits

Have you ever been scrolling through your FYP and seen someone just swear you have to buy this all-new-gut-renewing-kombucha-vinegar-kale drink? They promise it cleared their skin, erased their stomach fat, and made them incredibly fit? Well 99% of it is fake. Registered dietitians and other medical professionals promote all sorts of unhealthy foods, just so that they can get a check. Next time you wonder if you are the problem when your probiotic health smoothie doesn’t do what is promised, just remember that you can never trust what you see on the internet.

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