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Week 14: Sabrine Carpenter, Inside Out 2, and Music

Sabrina Carpenter— pop star, Disney actor, the lore is endless. Although many know her from her new musical venture, some still remember watching her grow up on shows like Girl Meets World and The Hate U Give. The Tab gives a complete portfolio on this up-and-coming star. Stream Espresso!

Almost everyone has had the pleasure of watching Inside Out, a story dealing with the unpredictability of emotions, and how that can affect peoples’ lives (in case, a kid named Riley). However, Inside Out 2 is resulting in some mixed opinions. While many agree that the movie is perfect, bringing them back to their childhoods and perfectly capturing the tumultuous time that is adolescence, some believe that the story is a bit redundant and reused. This follows the trend we have been seeing with both Disney and Pixar, an ongoing decline of the quality of movies. They often feel awkward and forced, a perfect example of this being Disney’ most recent movies, Elementals and Wish. Despite drawbacks, I would recommend seeing this in theaters if you enjoyed Inside Out as a kid, because although it may not be perfect, it will certainly take you on a trip down memory lane.

The music scene is vibrant right now! From Eminem’s comeback song, Houdini, to the revival of 2020’s Clairo craze, here are ten songs that you should give a listen to get in the spirit of summer.                 

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