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Week 4: Swifties, Ramaswamy, and an Essential Popcast

1. Taylor and Travis

Perhaps the most speculated relationship of the year: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. This NFL star and international pop star were heavily featured on the Prime Time TV broadcast of the Chiefs versus Jets Game. Millions of non-football fans tuned in, to try and sneak a peek at the newest hot couple. Such attention leads one to wonder how much influence celebrities really have, and what greater issues they could affect if they spoke on them.

2. Vivek Ramaswamy Garnering Young Voters Approval

You may have seen Vivek Ramasamy pop up on your FYP, talking on Jake Paul’s podcast, or just on his own TikTok account. Wherever it may have been, he is clearly trying to appeal to young voters, by seeming relatable and approachable. What he is not showing you is how he is trying to raise the voting age to 25, as he believes that young people are not informed or responsible enough to partake in national decisions. So before you are sold on the young, snappy candidate, investigate further into his proposals and plans for the future, and he might not have your vote anymore.

3. Popcast (Deluxe)

In this ‘Popcast’ Doja Cat’s bizarre evolution is explored, along with relationship and drama commentary.

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