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Welcome to PulpEngine

Hey! Welcome to PulpEngine. On this site, you’ll find a weekly list of the top youth culture highlights from all sources that we think are worth your time. From fashion and art, to music and celebrity drama, our goal is to sweep past the algorithmic-social-media-bs-click-bait and show you only the stories that are worth your laughter, tears, and attention. 

Founded by Eden Rosalind Kim, PulpEngine is based out of Glen Ridge NJ and run with the help of like-minded teens.  We scour all platforms searching for current events, essential gossip, and useless but need-to-know facts that you may have missed.

Most people our age spend over three hours a day on social media, probably watching GRWMs, stalking their crush, or investigating the latest James Charles scandal. While that is definitely fun, the time spent scrolling through media you don’t care about is most likely much greater than the time you actually get to spend on what you care about. We hope to help you reduce that time by collecting the best content in one list, so you don’t have to scroll until the end of your FYP to find the best, juicy things that week has to offer. Although we recognize that such a small list can’t appeal to everyone(we’re looking at you, furries), we hope that PulpEngine keeps you coming back each week to see what's new.

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What to Know

Let's be real. Nobody our age wants to be scrolling through pages and pages of real estate drama, moronic politics, or worst of all— the never ending facebook mom turf v grass argument. On this blog, you will only be seeing the evolving world of young artists, dramatic exposés, along with anything else we deem juicy. PulpEngine updates every Sunday, and we hope you come back each week for more.

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